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Van Alstyne Panther Program Ad Specifications
Must have by August 16, 2024

  • All ads should be in digital format (jpg or pdf) with a minimum dpi of 300.
    • They can be in full color or black and white.
    • Art should be provided on disk (CD or DVD), flash drive or Dropbox

  • All hard copy ads will be scanned by our graphic designers and will appear as provided in the program. (Unclear, stained or wrinkled hard copies will not present well) Please DO NOT write on any of the ads - please inform us via email of any change requests.
    • Our graphic designers can make minor changes; however, logos will not be created, changed or redesigned.
    • Art should be of reasonable size and quality in relation to the ad dimension being purchased. (Business card size is not sufficient art for a full page ad)

  • Personal ads will contain the text provided by the purchaser; however, the ad layout and graphical elements will be at the discretion of the graphic designer unless art is provided in the standard digital format described above.

  • Click here for the VAABC Sponsorship Packages Chart

Ad Specs:
  • Full page ad: 8 inches x 10.5 inches
  • page ad: 8 inches x 5.25 inches
  • page ad: 2 inches by 4 inches
  • Business card ad: 3 by 2 inches
  • Personal ads: 3 by 2 inches
  • Banner ads: 3ft x 5ft

Main Sponsorship Contact:
   Josh Benedict

Please mail checks for personal ads, payable to VAABC, to PO Box 1776, Van Alstyne, TX. 75495. If paying cash, please contact Josh Benedict to arrange pick-up.

2024-2025 Sponsors - Coming Soon!
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